Energy Technology & Environment
Pan-democrats' blocking the tech bureau is a suicidal act
Multiple benefits in preserving historical heritage sites

Hong Kong Today
Eyeing 2022 - more goodwill for resolving constitutional dilemma
放眼二二 政改解困須續釋善意  (Trial)
Passion for march protest subsides, constitutional reform faces reality choice
遊行激情退 政改面對現實選擇
Virtual currency risk high, stay vigilant of traps
虛擬貨幣風險高 陷阱處處提警惕
Intermediaries should not be allowed to shirk responsibility in maid abuse
Wang's weird play detrimental to ATV salvation
王征打怪牌 不利亞視救亡
Offenders must be prosecuted with no political privilege
犯法要檢控 不應受政治優待
Public sentiment report avoids controversy, limited change in political reform
民情報告避爭議 政改方案變動有限
Only by saving universal suffrage at this critical moment will pan-democrats survive
讓普選絕處逢生 泛民才有生路
Subdivided flat issue needs supporting facilities other than more public housing
解決茤 增公屋還要靠配套
Beware of everyone rendering themselves ambulance drivers
Unlock foreign labour import to relieve housing shortage
紓樓荒 須解輸入外勞糾結
Avoid falling into Hong Kong independence trap democracy fight
Plug dual tenant status loophole to keep public housing system fair
堵雙重戶籍漏洞 保公屋制度公平
Restore order first, then set up dialogue platform for various parties
首要修復秩序 再建各方對話平台
HKFS and Scholarism staking the fate of Hongkongers
Trio to blame for Occupy Central turning into "disaster"
佔中變「災難」 三子難辭其咎
Hunger strike only campaigns for an idol, doesn't help with political reform
絕食只為偶像造勢 無助政改
Pitch in with 2nd constitutional consultation so as not to disappoint citizens
投入次輪政改諮詢 免負市民期望
Retreat is the only way to say "no" to violence
Occupation movement must account for great social cost
社會代價巨大 要算「佔領」的帳
Pan-democrats make final attempt to save face, future road difficult
Roads open but road to universal suffrage will still be "blocked"
道路通了 普選之路仍會被「堵」
"Rent delays and tax splits" not with the public and won't receive support
「抗租拆稅」脫離大眾 難獲支持
Must bring in competition to control fees in pushing health insurance
推動醫保 須促競爭控收費
Helping the "new sandwich class" own a home
Reputed doctor urges for retreat to "stop bleeding" to show morality, courage
Court injunctions must be obeyed, misleading public is wrong
法庭禁令要遵守 誤導公眾要不得
"White HOS Secondary Market" scheme can meet urgent needs but with greater risk
「白居二」可應急需 風險則比前高
Halt rule-breaking margin to dismantle A-stock time bomb
煞停違規孖展 拆A股計時炸彈
Fall in rankings of all universities means enhancement in governance needed
大學排名全綫跌 須提升管治

Public Health
With more food scandals to come, investigation efficiency must be raised
問題食品陸續來 查封效率須提高
Strict block on tainted oil to safeguard health and regain credibility
嚴堵黑心油 保健康挽信譽

Development & Interpersonal Relationships
Save junior secondary school students from falling into beauty treatment traps
助初中生免墮美容陷阱  (Trial)
Parents ambitious about their children's success must weigh their "abilities"
Students and parents must relax as new school year starts
學生和家長 開學要減壓
Observe and learn from hearing-impaired "Rowing King"

Modern China
Hong Kong should be vigilant after Bund tragedy
外灘慘劇 港宜引為警惕
Keep an eye on Qianhai's financial innovation power
China should take Russia as warning in strong revival
中華強勢復興 要以俄為鑑
Occupy Central can hardly bring major changes as central government stands firm
中央堅定不移 佔中難改大局
Pain from reform will continue, grab transformation opportunity
改革陣痛未完 把握轉型機遇

Terrorist attack fuels ethnic conflict in Europe
Unwilling to be lame duck, Obama "turns the page"
拒做跛腳鴨 奧巴馬要開新頁
Debt repudiation seems just a threat in Greece's political change
希臘變天 賴債雷聲似靠嚇
Beware of getting caught in crossfire as rouble war heats up
盧布貨幣戰方酣 慎防池魚殃
Weak Obama needs China's cooperation even more
弱勢奧巴馬 更須與華合作
FTAAP verifies US strategy towards China
Europe and US must correct own mistakes for rise of terrorist Islamic State
恐怖伊國冒起 歐美要改己錯

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