Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships
Housing and education necessary to lure talent
加分搶人才 還須住屋教育配套  (Trial)
Radicalism to reality brings wider horizons
激進轉軌現實 路闊天空
New role for fathers in the modern world
新世代父親 更「樂」也更「苦」
Employing more women could solve poverty crisis
推動主婦就業 降兒童貧窮率
Self-financing institutes may meet demand for talent
人才需求大 自資院校有可為
Use the law to stop campus independence advocacy
校園遏獨 須繩以法曉以理
Bay area education cooperation – more choices for HK youths
大灣區共辦教育 港青添選擇
Leniency on radical acts will only harm students
對激進惡行寬容 終害了學生

Hong Kong Today
Demand exceeds supply for HOS flats
居屋向隅者眾 增白居二配額  (Trial)
Steel bar checks done to bolster public confidence
鑿石屎查鋼筋 須保公眾信心
Transport subsidy provides benefits, but control the spending
交通補助惠民廣 庫房開支須控好
New transport links a boost for HK
新通道增客源 及早部署分流
Government must guard against financial turmoil
政府須控開支 防範金融風暴
Go proactive to ensure bus safety
化被動為主動 確保巴士安全
Changes to welfare eligibility for elderly needs consultation
Gyms and salons need cooling-off period
Passengers’ life more important than train efficiency
乘客生命重於行車效率 不容妥協
Illegal acts won’t do justice, Occupy leaders deserve punishment
違法遺禍非公義 佔中搞手罪有應得

Modern China
China gets “extra time” but sword still hanging over head
中國守和「加時」 頭上懸劍未除
Arresting “princess” hits Huawei, chills Sino-US relations
捕「公主」重擊華為 中美再起寒風
Co-location challengers lose trial and credibility
CIIE boosts domestic demand reducing trade war lethality
進博會助擴內需 減貿戰殺傷力
Mega bridge of the century creates new integration era
Policies must tie in to put HZMB's potential into play
發揮大橋潛力 須三地政策配合
Win-win China-Africa cooperation to contain the US
中非合作共贏 破美遏制
Coupling strength and gentleness seeking reunification
柔剛並濟 新攻略謀統一

HK must act as Sino-US relations turn turbulent
中美再起波瀾 港須主動出擊
Trump weakened as economic tactics won’t ease public grievance
經濟牌難壓民憤 特朗普強勢受挫
Hatred looms over midterm elections, Trump in emergency
仇恨瀰漫中選 特朗普告急
Sino-Japanese relations improving with challenges ahead
中日關係吹和風 前路仍多考驗
Weaker Sino-US military trust adds to strait and the South China Sea woes
中美降軍事互信 台海南海添憂
Guard against European chaos in a new year
Trade talks progressing but pressure tactics continue
貿談縱有進展 施壓手段不絕
US-North Korea gaming fruitless, stuck in trump cards
美朝緊握王牌 博弈難有結果

Public Health
Gene editing mustn’t cross moral bottom line
研基因治病 不得越道德底線
Better health gatekeeping on elderly professional drivers
Shortage triggers crisis, admission of overseas doctors cannot wait
短缺爆危機 輸入醫生不容緩
Rip off sugar coating of e-cigarettes to stop its spread
CUHK's Shenzhen medical school favours integration
Healthcare voucher misuse undermines cure and prevention
醫療券防濫用 業界須自律
Medical Council needs open vote for importing doctors
糾正阻外援錯誤 醫委須投明票
Restrict mainland patients to ease doctor shortage
紓醫生不足 須限制內地病人來港

Energy Technology and the Environment
Open data fast for business and convenience
Laureates’ study helps HK become “smart city”
諾獎學者研究 助港「智城」發展
Seek land quickly to ease public housing shortage
Rose Garden too remote to meet immediate needs
玫瑰園遙遠 不能救近火
Reclamation necessary but overdoing will mean trouble
填海有必要 過大反累事
Resources and markets important in AI
發揮AI潛力 須資源市場並重
Improve mega-bridge “human flow” to maintain business
Huawei counterattacks, Canada embarrassed
華為連環反擊 加國左右為難

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