Personal Development & Interpersonal Relationships
Give proper consumerist immunisation before university
上大學前打好消費防疫針  (Trial)
Having the courage to say "No" to workplace fraudsters
Handle the HKDSE examination with calm
Free to express and demonstrate, personal safety must be protected
示威表達有自由 人身安全要保障
Prevent added pressure on teachers and students in early result release proposal
推前放榜方案 防增師生壓力

Hong Kong Today 今日香港
Replacing accountability framework restructure with role blending
職能調配代替重組問責架構  (Trial)
Great administrative challenge with wide Legco spectrum
立會光譜闊 行政挑戰大
Emergency calls highly effective, votes put camp ahead of individual
告急效用大  選民重陣營輕個人
Crossing the river by feeling the stones for "HK land for HK people"
National education mutually depleting, collective wisdom breaks deadlock
國教互消耗 集思廣益破僵局
Show sincerity and look into putting forward proposal with new thinking
展示誠意 研拋新思維方案
"Leung's 10 measures" not severe, just testing the waters and siren sounding
「梁十招」未算狠 試水溫響警號
Monitoring Leung Chun-ying with added stringency without relaxing a bit
監察梁振英 加嚴加辣半點不鬆
Copyright law in difficult delivery, new government improvement pending
版權法難產 待新政府改良
Filibustering legislators causing meeting abortion - bad example of democracy
拉布議員搞流會 民主劣示範
Stifled at the start, new government's administration doubly difficult
未開賽先窒步 新政府施政倍艱
Leader's Hong Kong visit, take gifts as they come
領導人訪港 送禮順其自然
Delayed retirement requires prudent planning
Prices rise more easily than fall, buy iBonds to make up for expenses
物價易升難跌 認購iBond幫補
Deliberation on new framework should not be impulsive
審議新架構 勿流意氣爭
Announce housing policy early and shorten window period
早公布房策 縮短空窗期
Conniving occupation of crown land undermines governance authority
縱容霸官地 損管治威信
Breaking monopoly with e-textbooks — a big challenge
Vicious election campaigning adverse for universal suffrage implementation
Fare rise creates great discontent, breakdown fans the flame
加費滿肚氣 故障火上加油
Office-elect must not be numb and negligent with filibuster threat
拉布威脅 候任辦忌麻痹大意
Legislation of standard working hours warms up and gives off heat
Weak new chief executive must play welfare card
弱勢新特首 必打民生牌
Being elected with low support, stability maintenance cost high
低支持當選 維穩代價大
Ensure smooth transition for selling flats using saleable area
實用面積賣樓 要保順暢過渡
Investigate "notorious gangster dinner" shaking political sector in rashomon
「江湖人物飯局」震驚政界 羅生門要徹查
Avoid Sports City again taking a detour

Modern China 現代中國
"Sing red, fight black" just too exciting, social conflicts to be relieved
唱紅打黑太激 社會矛盾待紓
Whether Diaoyu boat sets sail or not becomes doubly sensitive
Diaoyu Islands belong to Okinawa and Okinawa belongs to China
釣島屬沖繩 沖繩屬中國?
Giving a human touch to space travel

Globalisation 全球化
US return to Asia adds tension, no easy solution to China's preoccupation
Effectiveness of releasing cash in question, China finds it hardest to cope
放水效益成疑 中國最難應對
Ideological trend of targeting the wealthy comes with the times
Europe brewing big change and cramps in the market
歐醞釀變天 市場又抽筋
Concern over nuclear safety not yet diminished on tsunami anniversary
海嘯周年 核安全顧慮未減

Public Health 公共衛生
Zero quota cures symptoms but it takes the law to cure root of problem
零配額治標 靠法律治本
Don't turn a blind eye to sales of expired food items
賣過期食品 不應受縱容
Use multi-pronged approach to reduce A&E department pressure
多管齊下 減急症室壓力

Energy Technology & Environment
Promotion of quality green buildings requires comprehensive support
推優質環保樓 須有周詳配套
The new administration must fight the tough tariff war well
Government must set good example in using electric cars
Speed up adapting to flat sales using saleable areas
Taxi fuel surcharge pleasant to the ears but useless
Cost of bridge delay not just $15 billion
Should not force the incinerator upon the next administration

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